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 Digital Web Monks main goals for Pay per click are listed below 

  • Our main goal, as a Digital Marketing company, is to pay the lowest possible amount per click for the highest possible returns. While the formula of Pay Per Click services sounds simple, but there are many variables to be taken into consideration, mainly as splitting/dividing ad groups, refining landing pages and very importantly, developing key terms. 
  • Our specialized teams research and make keywords that are strictly relevant to your business and can quickly cause to a high click rate at the same low price. As your campaigns grow or evolve into new forms, our PPC team can assure your keyword list systematically adapts to these shifts in your business practice, while also eliminating big-ticket and under-performing keywords from the setup.
  • Pay-per-click offers distinctive opportunities to expand your client base at an accelerated pace and connect with specific users looking for websites like yours. Because PPC marketing permits you to reach users at a vital time, when they are specifically looking to pay on a product or service, PPC is a extremely effective way to gain their business directly and straightaway.
google plus Google Adwords – PPC

Our in-house algorithms and tools can guarantee best results with Google Adwords to urge top quality traffic at optimized ROI.

 facebook Facebook Ads

Target users mainly on demographics, interests and behavior. Re-market to website visitors with rich targeted communication.

linked in LinkedIn Ads

Advertise to specific verticals and job functions with Linkedin ads. Ideal for client acquistion for B2B situations.

play store Mobile App Engagement

Promote your mobile app – drive downloads at low price using Adwords, Facebook Ads and specialized mobile ad networks.

shopping Shopping Campaign – PLA

Use Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to drive on-line sales. Multi-channel e-commerce campaigns with funnel improvement.

You Tube YouTube Ads

Promote your products and services using YouTube. Spread your message out to a large audience at effective price.

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